About us

"Sport S" was founded in 1997 with an idea in mind that the quality can be affordable to everyone. With these thoughts, founder and CEO of the company mr Jovan Konjevic a year later started the production of air gun pellets. His excessive experience as a professional shooter, as well as an active trainer, had contributed in developing initial idea into a high quality product, with an affordable price.

Major portion of our current production are the flat head sport pellets marked by a very high precision and therefore used by most shooting clubs in Serbia, as well as the clubs on the broader territory of Balkans (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Montenegro...).

Beside match pellets, we produce rounded head field target pellets and pointed head hunting pellets. With their accuracy and force, these pellets can turn any recreational shooter into a true trophie eager hunter.

Our production technology was developed and changed over the years, and rigorous control of quality of each stage of production has brought us to the stage in which we can produce pellets of extreme performance. Pellets of every series are tested in controlled conditions with best air guns produced by most respectable manufacturers.

Due to a higher demand for out flat head match pellets we have increased our production capacities and now we can deliver products in other countries, both inside and outside of the European Union.

Our products

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